Wednesday, September 9, 2009

back to work

Leagues are back in session - which means lots more table time, no quiet nights at home, and the laundry piles grow in to mounds I have to hurdle like I'm in the x-games! And of course, all the drama is back in action too. (For once, I'd like to go to league night and NOT hear someone bitching about something - just once).

On my 9ball night I had lost my match. I was running down to the 7, 8, or 9 - missing - and giving my opponent ball in hands for the run out. It was ugly. I attempt to blame this on this night being my first night back to league and really not having practiced as much as I would've liked. But I can't, I just played horrible. We ended up short a player and in this particular league you can play "team survival". The opposing team can choose anyone on our team to play the last match. Guess who lost and guess who they choose? Ugh..............

I'm up against a player who is two skill levels higher than I. Its a race to your handicap so I'm getting some weight. I shot well. He missed a few good shots and let me get to the table a few more times than I should've. Redemption at its finest. I won - with style too! ;) So thank you, opposing team. Thank you for letting me redeem myself and complete my mission of kicking your ass. I appreciate it.

new adventures......

A friend of mine and I had some business to attend to so we decided to meet at a local bar where she would be playing in a new tournament in town. 9ball, handicapped, race to 4 on the winners, 3 on the losers, alternate break, rack your own, 3-foul in effect. During our meeting she had convinced me to play. I was extremely against it. The players in this, men and women, are all big boy ballers who can play. I was going to get some mad weight. I finally decided, I can play and get some experience against these guys, play my heart out and see what happens. Just please don't laugh at me! And please pool gods, just don't let me get stomped all over.

Weight is a magical thing (when it pertains to pool of course). My first opponent is one of the top players in town. Of course I would be matched with him. He being the rock star he is - I was getting the call 7,8. Nice. He of course played well, but the alternate break was giving me some chances. He also missed - at the wrong times. Before I knew it I was up 3-0. WTF?!?! He scratched giving me ball in hand on the 8 and I win. 3-1.

It was all down hill from there. My next two game were a mess. I played two girls, whom I know from around town. Both extremely good players, but I knew they were both beatable. And I gave up. I missed my first shot in my first match and I automatically felt myself giving up and saying "I can't do this". I have no clue what my problem was, but I missed the same shot all 3 times to give my opponents ball in hands to combo the 9. I REALLY need to work on that shot. Or f*n realize that that shot didn't work the first time, so maybe take it another way. Perception off or error on shot - it doesn't matter. Don't take it again. But I did. And my little mission through this tournament was over.

The issue now........I WANT to play again in it. There something about losing that has me wanting to play again. I'm not sure if it's because I think I can beat the people I lost to. If I know deep down I can play better than that. If I desperately want to be as good as the players in there. I WANT IT!!!!

So when do you live, learn, and let go? And when do you say F that s#*& - I can do better?