Thursday, May 28, 2009

changing your game....

I play a lot of 8-ball and 9-ball. There's a huge difference in the way these games are played. From different rules, shots, to position, and safeties. I could go on and on about how I need improvement in both games, but I won't waste your time. I've played a lot of APA 9-ball and I think I've succumbed to playing with that style. In APA you play 9-ball for points depending on your handicap. Each ball is worth one point, the 9 is worth two. Its a race to your handicap points no matter what skill level you're playing so running a rack or missing a ball are both as equally as crucial.

I began to play a new format of 9-ball last week in a different league for a mini-session. Now, this 9-ball isn't much different. Play your game, sink the 9 (no matter how it goes) and you win. Its a race to your handicap. (you're a 3- you gotta win 3 game, you're a 6-you gotta win 6 games, etc.). Difference - it's call-pocket 9-ball. Hhhhmmmm......................I'll let you ponder on that one for a minute.

Are you done yet?

So as you would expect, why should this change the game any? You still make your shots, get postion, play safe, what's the f'n problem?!?!?!?!? I dunno either! But I'm struggling with it. Bad!!!

For some reason, instead of playing shape to run racks.....I'm now looking at the 9 ball on every shot. Can I make it? How can I play position to get on my next ball and combo the 9? If I miss a shot do I leave my opponent the 9 out? A combo 9? Now for all you big shot players....this probably seems mindless and a waste of energy for me to be typing this. For me, it's affecting my game and my mind. Lets just say this now: I HATE TO LOSE! My team says "don't worry, you'll get. You'll win next time." Winning next time doesn't make me feel better about losing today! Yes - I won't win every game I play. But what's wrong with striving to be better and figuring out what it is that got me to lose today?

This is how my evening went:

Game 1 - I break. Run the 1-5, play safe on the 6. He kicks the 6 and scratches. I have ball in hand on the 7, and f'n scratch. Down 0-1

Game 2 - He breaks, runs down to the 8 and misses. With ball in hand on the 8 I make the shot and get position on the 9. Not a hard shot......a long drive down the side rail. I miss. F@#%. Down 0-2

Game 3
- He breaks, nothing goes. I run down to the 6 and get hooked behind the 8. Now what?! I take a long kick and miss. Ball in hand for him. The 9 is in front of the 8 and BAM - combo 9, game over!!! He only needs 3 games and wins: 0-3

Opponent: Good game.

Me: Yup.

Opponent: No really. Good game.

Me: Really?! Because you won. I don't see much "GOOD" in that.

Opponent: Well, I mean, you play well for a .......

Me: For what? For my handicap? For a GIRL? just because I'm a girl, doesn't mean you can take me any lighter. So I played like a crap and you won. End of story. I'd appreciate if you didn't speak anymore!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

oN a 1

Inspired by all the pool blogs I read out there combined with the love of the game, I’ve decided to create my own blog. More than just my thoughts, my rants, raves, vents, and frustrations….I guess I finally wanted keep my “pool world” in one place and hopefully find soul redemption in the world in which has taken over my life.

I’m just your average player..... student of the game.....leagues.....tourneys..... I’m also the bitch in the corner, stubborn as hell, trying to learn, get better, and fight for MY game. I’m on my own miSsioN not to be the player YOU want me to be, but the player who I know I want to be.

And let the miSsioNs continue……