Thursday, December 31, 2009

another year gone......

WOW! Talk about MIA...... I apologize for my absence - it's been a whirlwind end of year. A crap load of personal issues, drama, and emotions. And a few highs to keep me in check and remind me I'm still human and life is just an adventure......we choose the next ride!

Let's see - where to begin........I'll try to recap as short and as sweet as I can.

November had it is ups and downs. My new business venture, the website, (along side my real job) completely took over my world. Busier than I could've ever imagined, but I loved every moment of it. My business partner and I made more connections than we really knew what to do with but we established ourselves and now business is booming!

A small break for Thanksgiving had my bf and I out of town to visit his family. A wonderful weekend of food, family, and fun. The drive home - no so! Our truck broke down, we spent two extra days there, ended up having to fly home and I was just trying not to breakdown. I have no clue on when and how I'll be able to come up with the money to fix it and how we're gonna get around..........UGH!!! AND I was dying to play some pool. (Yes - our truck is still there)

Work is crazy, outta control, busy!!! I'm an event planner by day and January is slammed, so that means TONS of pre-event work in December. This is the part of my job I can't stand. In my personal life my best friend's father passed and it was an emotional week of memories! (RIP R.B. - I love you!) Holiday parties, pool league end of sessions, work, practice........I'm not sure how much sleep I actually got in the first three weeks of December, but I do know that I was beat. Dead beat tired! I was so emotionally drained about so many personal issues that I didn't actually think about Christmas until I had looked at a calendar on the 18th and realized it was a week away! During that week, a family member ended up in the hospital. UGH, this wasn't turning out to be a very merry christmas. By the 24th (yes - christmas eve) I realized I HAD to get myself together. Positive thoughts and life ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Christmas day was spent with family and my bf. A nice day - mellow and calm.....and I vowed to not let all the bad in my life haunt me. Early the next day, my bf was off to visit his sister and I have now been alone for almost a week. And as much as I've missed him - this has been a week of solitude that I needed. For the most part, I've slept. Really slept. I think that I've been in bed more in 5 days than I have all month. Literally.

AND, I'm back on point with pool ;) All of the above has left my game in some much desperate need of some TLC. My game had completely gone down the drain and I'm just now getting back to where I know I should be. And it feels good. REALLY good.

Last night a friend convinced my to go play with her in weekly tournament here in town. I had been in the house too long she said (I actually was enjoying my quiet time thank you very much). But I tagged along since I really did want to hit some balls. This was what I call a "Big Boy" Tournament - like a tournament with REALLY good players. Handicapped 9-Ball, 9' tables, and handicaps ranging from 3-10. Like I said earlier "big boys" - so most of these players fell on the 7-10 side of the handicapped range.

Um, I'm not sure if the hiatus of not playing on a regular basis was the trick or what - but I played. WELL. On 9foots. I never play 9foots. I came back to win a game after being down 0-8 and he was on the hill. No winnings, but did make it to one outta the money. I played well. And was STOKED.

So after this shitty ending to a crazy year.......Cheers to a NEW one. I'm vowing to take life ONE DAY AT A TIME. To practice hard and improve my game. To stay healthy, spend quality time with the people in my life who matter, and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the new year......I'm oN a miSsion to do just that.