Friday, February 5, 2010

moving right along..........

It never seems to amaze me that time goes by so quickly when you don't stop to smell the roses. How we are already into February is beyond me........but so is life!

Recap: The "mini" tour we began last week was a HUGE success. We nearly doubled our expected show of faces and players and the day turned into a 12 hour event. WOW! We had huge support from our friends and can't wait to do the next one. Thank you to all! Now on the pool playing side of it for me - I sucked @$$. This event was scotch-doubles and my partner and I hardly saw the table. I guess not seeing the table as much is an ok result in losing, but what is NOT okay is the fact the I was not taking the best shots possible. I was making them, but the cue ball positions were horrid. I must refocus on strategy and defense as well as my offense. Otherwise I'm in for a LONG season of pool.

A few days later - on my league night with 9' tables, it really hit me that my game is off. I'm still loving the big tables, but hot dang I got smoked. S M O K E D!!!!!!! I feel like I've taken a step backwards with my game. I'm back to a mind set that if I'm down in my match, then I immediately go into "make every ball" mode. No thought process, no defense, no chalk. Just shoot. UGH.....this is NOT a good thing. I was discussing this process with my other half who "politely" told me he had been noticing this with me for awhile. What?!?! Awhile?!?!? WTF?! And you couldn't have said anything sooner. Geeze!!!!!! Now in his defense I have asked to be left alone for awhile. I want no comments, no help, no discussions on my games.....nada! So to be fair - he was just following the rules ;)

Well this has got me in a funk. I absolutely still DO NOT want advice, help, discussions from anyone other than those who I've already let in a bit and have coached me. Which means yes you - drunk guy in the bar who has been playing for shots all night. You - opponent on the team I'm playing against who jumps up at every possibility to give timeouts to his team yet can't win his own game. Yes - you stranger who wonders in and randomly starts spittin' out how you'd take on anyone in here for money. (In fact you can leave and never come back). All of you can "politely" leave me the F alone! Thanks! For all of you that have helped in one way or another.... I'll be back for some slaps up side the head when I F up!!!

my friend's bf proposed to me..........

Hahaha! Not really! He proposed that we play BCA scotch doubles together at Nationals. Hhhmm, while I'm thrilled that he thought of me, little ole me, to play with him - I'm just not that sure. For one, I really don't care for scotch doubles. I don't like the pressure of letting others down.....letting myself down is hard enough. Two, I've never competed in BCA Nationals. Other nationals - yes. But this one always conflicts with something else going on in my life that makes me miss it. (Yes - I do have a life outside of pool, as hard as that is to believe and believe me it is definitely not as important as pool, but it does pay the bills.) I'm still debating and I need to hurry up and make up my mind. If I say yes......I'm running out of time to get some serious practice in.