Thursday, October 22, 2009

slow and steady

Well it's been a few interesting weeks of HORRIBLE pool play and a shit load of hours to try and correct it all. I'm FINALLY back to playing well (well, decent at least) and it feels good.

Over the course of all this bad play, I knew what I was doing wrong (for the most part). And the more I tried to correct it all, the worse it got. The question became: Why was I doing it? I would get down, see the shot, line up correctly, and change at the last minute. The bf and I had endless arguments about what I was doing, why and how. I could've ripped his head off on many occasions, but I really don't have time for jail right now.

I already have a hell of a time listening to unwanted advice. There are times (most all the time actually) I really just want to hit balls, be left alone, and talk to no one! Please just let me be!!! I mean can't we just play and you not criticize my every shot. I'll figure it out - and when I can't, I'll ask. And I know he really is just trying to help.....i just don't need to be talked to like I'm 5 and don't understand you. Thanks for your understanding!!!

I took a little time off....a little. But those days really did make a difference. Last Sunday, the bf and I went to practice (which we do often on Sundays, because we can play our little hearts out with no interruptions). I finally felt like I was back to my old ways. Hitting what I knew, practicing what I didn't, making good shot selection, and getting out of not so great table layouts. I 100% think, that because I was getting good outs, I felt confident in my play again and automatically didn't think of all the negative thoughts I was having. I didn't once focus on the "what if's' and 'maybe's" and just PLAYED. It was a good feeling again. And now he was the quiet frustrated one, as I silently kicked his ass ;)

moving on...

I got a new tip put on last night!!! I play so much that my tip actually gets down to about the width of a dime sometimes before I actually decide to fork out the effort to change it. I know it sounds crazy, but I do think half the time I don't even realize it and have become so used to it that even shaping it some changes my game. Crazy - i know!

Anyhow, I put a LePro on for the first time. When I first started playing (really playing) I had Triangles. It's all I knew and I could've cared less and not known the difference if it was anything else. Then of course, the more I learned about pool - and all the equipment to go with - I was told to find what works for me. Liking the medium-hard tip I was used to, my last change was to a hard. (Water Buffalo, I believe). Just to see if I liked something new........... For the first two or threes weeks I wasn't comfortable. It was like hitting rocks across a parking with a bat. Then with slight adjustments, I got used to it and was fine. I decided to change again, to maybe just see what else was out there - and the fact I was playing so bad (event though I got back on track) I was looking for anything to fix my game - and that didn't help my mental decision. So I went LePro on ya! Now I've heard there isn't anything different between this tip than a Triangle, the LePro could actually be worse. One person told me it's the worst out there. But I've heard good things as well and so we shall see. I mean seriously it's just a tip and can always be replaced. Are there any suggestions for any other good tips for your average, run-of-the-mill, player???


  1. me like triangles. i press mine before use to eliminate mushrooming.

    lots of folks like medium mooris. expensive though, around $15-$20 a tip, plus labor. try it if u like.

    le pros are decent; mushrooms too much, IMO.

    don't like elkmasters at all; uncontrollable spin.

  2. poolriah -

    Thanks. I've been playing with LePro for a week now and I'm still liking the hit. I'll wait some time and see about the mushrooming. Thanks for the tip! [no pun intended :)]

    on a side note, is it cool to add your blog to my site?

  3. sure, add away. in turn, i ask to add ur blog to mine, with ur permission of course.

    btw, when i used le pros i did this weird thing to condition my tip. i hit stroke shots as hard as i could for a good hour, then i file down the mushroomed part. the tip would still mushroom afterward, but less so.

    if ur tip is fine then leave it alone. for some reason all the le pros i ever used mushroomed like crazy.

  4. poolriah-

    Of course...add away! ;)

    LePro update: My tip seems to be doing well so far. I'm giving it another 3 weeks to make my final determination.