Friday, January 29, 2010

back to work.......

A new year, new league sessions, and a bright future.......2010 better not suck! ;)

Actually, so far so good. Leagues have been in session about 4 weeks now. I'm happy to be back to the normal routine of pool. The holidays always seem to get in the way of my playing time. LOL, but I suppose it's okay. I wholeheartedly decided that I did not want to burn myself out this session and was only going to be playing one night a week. WAS should've been your key to the fact that I couldn't keep that resolution. Resolutions are for the weak anyway right?! I'm up to 2 nights and 1 day of league play. I will say that the great thing is that all 3 days are different leagues. This is really opening my eyes to all the different caliber of play out there, what people really know about pool and how much they don't! It's been interesting so far...........

One of these 3 leagues is completely new to me. New in the fact of handicaps, scoring, and level of players. Oh, and it's on 9 foots. I'm in heaven. I completely dislike the way the scoring goes, but am absolutely in love with playing on the big tables again. **Flashback - when I first began playing pool - for real, for real, pool - it was an in-house league on 9' s. I had no clue back then what the game was really all about, so I had no opinion on the tables, the game, anything** Back to present........... ah, 9's - it really is the best. I now know why I get so frustrated with bar box tables and how I'm completely re-learning the way I shoot. It's like learning the game all over almost. And I'm back to being EXCITED to play every week. Also, because of this new excitement, I actually look forward to playing on the bar box nights, just to see how I handle the adjustments in play. Hopefully this all keeps up and I'm not bitching mid season ;)

This weekend is going to be the first of many long ones. I've gone in with someone to begin a mini tournament session here in town. It will go all year , with about 9 stops. Earn points and play for big $$ in the finals. A "mini-tour" if you will............... Registration is nearly full, so we're excited. Hopefully this all goes well! How I keep taking more and more on in my world is beyond me.....its a wonder my laundry is never done!'s to a new year - full of laughs, love, pool, and good food! I'll be back with updates on how this miSsoN is playing out!


  1. 2010 better not suck!

    hey...where did i hear that before...

  2. LOL - i thought it was such a great line! but shoot, for some reason the link isn't working. I linked that whole line to her blog?!?!?

  3. 2010 better not suck if it knows what's good for it! :-D