Wednesday, January 5, 2011

guess who's back.....

Back again!!! So it’s been almost a year since I’ve been here….I know, I know, I’m a slacker. But 2010 brought some ‘interesting’ challenges into my life and things got in the way. One of my resolutions for this year, are to write more so here I am. The 5th of January and my first attempt at being better at my blog.

I made a mental note a few months back and realized that writing really was a great release for me. Not only so I can vent, bitch, and complain about my game (oh and life in general), but I also could re-read and reflect on points in what was happening with my game and life. Hopefully I’ll keep this resolution and not bore the hell outta my virtual friends out there. Just let me know when I do ;)

Another goal for this year: PRACTICE! My game is improving in small bits and pieces but I want more! Selfish sounding? I don’t care. Only I can improve and destroy my game – so bring it on! I’ve decided to start small and shoot (no pun intended) for 7 hours of practice a week. That’s an hour a day if you break it down, but since I can’t always get to practice on some days but can play for 3 on another, it’s just going to be 7 hours total in a week.

I won’t bother with going into all the other little goals I have for 2011, like painting more, exercising more, blah, blah, blah – but I will tell you my number 1 goal is to get my life organized. Like really organized. Like being better with my finances, keeping an organized schedule, making ME time, and maybe even keeping the house a little cleaner (the later being not so important). I find that sometimes I do SO much for others , that my own life falls to the way-side and it starts to spiral out of control. And then I feel like I’m playing catch up……forever. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN ANYMORE! I’m hoping this will make for a better Me. A happier, less-stressed, free soul, not broke, Me!

So cheers to a new year! Leagues all start back up this week, my website tour stops are beginning this month, and weekly tournaments are back after the holidays. So let the games begin. I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe, ass-kicking, great food eating year! miSsoN begin……..


  1. she's alive!!

    *thunder, lightning, lab equipments crackling with electricity*

    *miss redemption raises a huge muscular arm & destroys half the machines with one swing*

    she's alive!!

    happy new year!

  2. LOL! Now if only those sounds would happen when I approached the table ;)

  3. shoot, i forgot the guttural, beastly growls!

    one day thunder & lightning will appear when you walk to the table. fortunately we are in a hobby where technique & knowledge trumps raw power, so with the proper techniques almost anyone can play pool well! have fun playing!

  4. Dang! and here I thought you had written this off...? I confess I was JUST about to give p00lriah crap about keeping you on his blogroll (along with crap about me NOT being on it), but now I see that he just had faith that you'd return at some point. Can't really say good to see you back because I hadn't discovered your blog until about a month ago and it was already pretty cold by then. So... just... good to see you I guess ;)

  5. Never 'under'estimate where and when I might pop up. Its a specialty of mine :)

  6. Glad to see your back. I have seen you play, I don't know why you say your struggling. Keep that special glow about yourself, you play much better when you have that special glow.

  7. Welcome back. I always had faith you'd write again. That's why I never took you off my list. :-)