Monday, April 18, 2011

you think you're bad ass..... you're not!

Once again, all intentions to jot down my thoughts is on my to-do list….it just never seems to happen.  

A bunch has happened since my last post, but I won’t bore you with the details.  Let’s break down it in quickie…

-watched a weekend full of pool with big boys from all over.  Amazing pool, ice cold beer, friends old and new, and hell of a lot learning about who to trust and who not to. (That’s a long story – saved for another day).  A big thanks to omgwtf for buying my last adult beverage of the weekend….it helped cancel all the noise made by idiot conversation about every shot!

-played in the women’s annual charity tournament.  Played great the first day and was 2 and on the second day.  Lessons learned: #1 – Play your game and no one else’s.  They wouldn’t do it for you.  #2 – even your closest “friends” will talk shit when they lose to you.  #3 – People will make excuses for EVERY aspect of their game when they play like ass, and it really just sounds like f’n whinning….tell people to shut the F up or charge the iPhone longer so that music lasts through all the bullshit.  

-league has come to conclusion. Team finishes: was out of playoffs by one game on Sunday league.  Got second on Tuesday league.  Took first on Thursday league.  Playing playoffs this week for the team I sub on which will take place this Thursday.  (Yeah, I have no clue why I took on a sub position for another team on a night I already play on….but whatever).

-work is OUT OF CONTROL.  I’m slammed busy!!!  I barely catch break all day long.  On the up-side, the days fly by and my week is over quick.  Before I know it, I’m back in on a table all weekend long.  

-my other job is OUT OF CONTROL too.  I am so far behind, I don’t even know where to start on my to-do list is 4 pages long.  (That is NOT an exaggeration). 

-homemade cooking and food has been fabulous lately  :)

So yes – I’ve been busy.  Very busy.  But each day is a new day, and all I can do is keep truckin’ along. 
Let me go back to my pool world real quick….I’ve been privy to a lot going on around me right now.  I’ve become more aware of the environments I’m in and who I’m really playing.  The biggest thing I’m learning about people is about their attitudes, and how they want to play the game.  I find it so different than what I find in myself about game – and I don’t necessarily like it.  It annoys me.  I want to tell them how ridiculous they sound.  How selfish they’re being.  How cocky they act.  How after so long – the sound like a whining f’n cow (or whatever animal whines for no reason).  SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I know that this is nothing new to the pool world.  I’m not ignorant to the fact that people are who they are.  Hell, I know I too am not the perfect little pool player either or princess etiquette.  But lately, dealing more and more with of this all, has really made not want to talk to anyone about pool – at all.  Not while we play, not at the bar, not over dinner, not if I run into you on the street, not through email, not ever!  

With more major tournaments around the corner, I’ll hopefully find a way to drown out the bullshit and just play.  It’s all I really want to do anyway......


  1. Congrats on a strong first day in the tourney!

    Sorry about the other stuff.

    Competition brings out the best and worst in people. Some days, though, it seems like its mostly the worst....sigh. (But those days are good fuel for cathartic blog rants).

  2. cherish the fact that you're happy at the table and they're not. f~* those that tries to ruin your happiness by beating the crap out of them. i'm not big on the revenge thing, but some circumstances call for it. play your heart out in your future matches. :)

  3. Sharking always makes your opponent feel superior. You said the right thing, just play your game and screw those people.

  4. RIBS!

    That being said... One of the hardest things to do in pool (and it's doubly difficuly for women) is to stay focused during a tournament when you're NOT in a match. The times in between matches is ideal for other people's static to mess up your line of thought. iPods are a blessing for that, but if that's not enough, you can do like I do -- and go outside. :-)