Wednesday, July 22, 2009

no motivation

I haven't been motivated to play lately and I don't know why. I seem to be slipping away from the "want" - to really play. Funny thing is I've been playing some the best pool I've played in awhile (except for last night - which is a whole other story). I'm contemplating the pondering thoughts of why I've had no drive lately and can't seem to stick to one answer.....hhhmmmm

I sometimes have to look at myself, my surroundings and wonder if I'm not just a little bit bored. I play on two teams - each which consist of mostly the same people. I also tag along to another two nights of play on which my bf plays. Then there is our weekly tournament which holds about 90% of regulars. I think I need a new set of faces to play with.

Last night I played extremely bad. Missed straight shots, played safes that didn't stay safe, and I let a player pretty much take advantage of every missed shot that I took. (I know that's the point of this game, but it sucked....BAD)! The more I think of reasons why I'm lacking motivation, the more I miss the game. Funny how that works! But all in all, I believe that I have pretty much exhausted my resources in which I confide on this mission. There are 3 main players on my teams who I'll always listen to for advice. These 3 players play VERY differently. Let me give you a quick run down:

My other half - A very smart player. Very technical. Thinks things through all the way. Plays a mean defensive game. Hates to lose. Underestimates his ability and will take advice from those who he believes are better than one else. Also the person who I spend the most time playing/practicing with so I would say I play most like him.

My captain - Very good player. Been playing for years. Can make almost any shot on the table and gets out of very tight situations. Takes a few fliers and random shots, but 95% of the time - those work. Believes in himself and believes in you and for the most part is light-hearted about the game........[unless its a tournament ;) ].

The highest rated player on our team - VERY good player. Also been playing for years. Can run a rack before you blink your eyes. Gets shape on every shot he takes. Good coach and will tell you straight when you're messin' up and how to change it. Also will make you play cautiously when he doesn't believe your shot making ability. Hates to lose. His attitude can get in the way when he's losing and not much faith when the team is losing. Will show you new things to improve your game.

Now, because they all play so differently - when I find myself when looking at a shot I'm not sure how to take, all 3 of them run through my mind.....what would they do? Of course my bf, but the other two as well - I love. We're all great friends and I'm comfortable asking any of them what I should do or how to change it if I miss. The problem I'm facing, is that now that I can play, have my own style and know what I would do.....I hear the same thing over and over and over from them. "Why didn't you? You should have... Take it this way.... " I'm starting to believe that I have absorbed all I can from them. They have their own styles and are pretty much set there. I'm still learning and I don't know how much more I can learn from them. Would I learn from others? Am I already stuck in MY way of playing?

How do you know when you're ready to move out of the comfort of you own home, leave all that you know, and face the world on your own???


  1. You sound like you have what I call "league fatigue". I go through that now and then and pretty much have to quit league for a while.

    I find that a pool-free week following by some good sessions of practicing alone (doesn't have to be long sessions) where I can hear myself think and observe and learn at my leisure does wonders to refresh my interest in the game.

    And really, sometimes, you just need to get away from people.


  2. adhesive remover -
    Thanks! I think its the people too - not me! ;)

    In a week or so, I'm off for a mini vaca and have decided it will be NO pool time. Since I usually can't go more than a day or two with no ball hittin'.....we'll see how I do. And I will take your advice, and restart with some alone practice!