Wednesday, August 12, 2009

are f'n kidding me?

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like lately. My world seems to have become a cluster f* of a variety of things, none of which allow for good pool time. I've needed a break anyway from pool - so it's probably good. And when I say break...I mean from playing. I've still been around it all the way. League nights, tournaments, practice.......

My bf played in a team national qualifier this past weekend. Interesting. I didn't pick up my cue once to hit a ball. I watched and observed and made a few new assumptions on why a person plays this game. I saw VERY good players in our town miss, scratch, lose. I also saw some beginners do extremely well and make good shot decisions. What I've boiled this all down too (in my mind that analyzes too much) is that your environment has A LOT to do with how well you play. My last post talked about how much is too much to be playing with someone or a team and this weekend confirmed thoughts about that. If you're playing a team event and your team could care less if the team wins or are playing with the wrong group. Especially if you have the heart, believe, and want to play this game getting better each time you shoot, and win. The desire to win is sometimes enough to put your body through the motions to actually win. The negative thoughts about losing are things that should never enter your mind. Unless you don't care of course!

a new mission presents itself

I play on a few nights a week. One of my teams has been together a little over 3 years now. We're not only a team, but friends. Friends that hang out outside of pool. Until last night. We changed leagues at the beginning of this session for a bunch of reasons that I really don't feel like explaining right now. We all were in agreement. A few weeks ago, our captain mentions he's going back to the original league. "oh that's good" , I say...."I've been thinking about it too. There are more options for different national events, I kinda miss being able to qualify for those. But, I would never abandon this team, I might look for some new people to play with."

Last night - we find out that he's abandoning us. And not only is he going back to the other league on the night we play on, but he's asked 3 others from our team to go with him. Now, they all said yes, thinking our whole team was moving back. Uuuhhhhh, NO! He didn't even ask some of us let alone just let us know. Dirty! The rest of us have decided to keep our team on this same night in this same league we're in now and gain a few new friends. I'm happy with that.

I told my bf that I have no problem whatsoever that they all want to go back. My problem is - that as a CAPTAIN of a team, more so a FRIEND, you would think he'd have the balls to just mention it to us. Not go behind our backs and straight leave.......with half the team. This will not end our friendship in any means, but have some f'n respect for your "friends". On a positive note, I'm good. If this is how you really want to be, then take your happy ass and all this sneaky, bullshit, high school school drama with you. I have no room to waste my energy on drama......I have more important things to focus on. Like my pool game ;)

This is our last week of the session (we're in 1st place too mind you) and then we'll be off to begin our new mission with a fresh start!

ME time.....

I'm leaving tonight for a mini vaca. I'm hoping to really get some good time AWAY from pool. I highly doubt that I won't pick up a cue should I happen to stumble into an establishment that has a table and some crappy bar cues....but I am going to try. I need a good refresher and hopefully when I get back I'll be focused again! I REALLY need this! ;)

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