Monday, August 24, 2009

back to reality....

A week away can do wonders for your soul.....

It's been a week since I've returned from my 5 day mini vaca. With pool a close second...there is nothing nicer than quality time with family, good friends, and good food. My family lives nowhere near me, so with reason to party - we made the most of 5 days and rocked it. I got to my brothers one day earlier, so for a little sibling catch up time - we hit the bars and completely lost our minds. (It's funny when you can look at your little brother, have a drink with him, and actually have adult conversations - well until you've had that last shot...or the next one)! On my mission to stay away from pool while on vaca, I was there all of 1 1/2hours and pick up a cue. UGH. Yes - I'm addicted! We were at a place with nice 9 foot tables. I haven't played one on in a long time so I knew I would be a bit off (not to mention I was already 2 beers and 2 patron shots deep). Surprisingly I didn't do so bad. Was it because I was enjoying myself and surroundings? Not taking the game so seriously for the first time in awhile? It felt good to run a good rack - 9 foot style!

With a vow to not play while there.....I did pretty good after that first night. There's a corner bar about 20 yards from my brother's front door (uh - on the corner?!?!) with two bar boxes at .50 cents a piece. Sweet! But I decided against it. Quality time with the family right?!?!

I lasted until my very last night. I actually hadn't thought about playing during the days so much as I did about shots. During quiet moments - I did a good amount of analyzing shots in my head from recent league nights and weekly tournaments. I made mental notes and thought about what I really needed to work on. And then couldn't take it. My last night there, I said goodnight to my family as they headed back out of town and marched down to the bar with my brother and his girl. Couldn't resist and picked up a cue. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! The clouds parted and a light shined down ;)

I played decent. Didn't try to focus too much and just ran a few racks. Played a few games with innocent by-standers, won, and won again. It felt good to play people I didn't know and play well. No one behind me second guessing my shot selections and not asking why I did or didn't do something. Maybe I should play out of town more often.

back to reality....

I had missed my own bar while gone. The tables, the stench, the drunks. There's something about playing in my own environment that is somewhat comforting. Second night back and HAD to hit a few balls. 5 hours, 3 beers, 2 blue chalked hands later - it was good to be on home tables.

Yesterday was a first real practice day again with the bf. I was playing okay. Won some, lost some, but felt like I had really slowed down some. My ball speed and stroke seemed to be working together for the first time in a long time and I liked that. I 'm wondering if my small break from the game brought back a little bit of the focus that I had let slip. Maybe I need to take a little mini break a little more often. I'll see how playing goes the rest of this week and then make that decision.

Does determination, focus, and clarity return when you've freed your mind? We are the only ones who can control our turn our turn our souls.

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