Tuesday, February 1, 2011

....play the game stupid

Yes, I'm already slacking here.  I have all intentions of being here, and somehow time gets the best of me.  Thank you to Mr. kbcnc for putting me in place. 

So January has proven to be so-so in everything I said I was going to do.  My goal of 7 hours a week of practice hasn't quite made it to the big 7, so I'm keeping that goal front runner.  Staying organized and keeping things simple in my life started off great, and slowly starting slipping.  This has to change.  Keeping my life on track will only make for a better (and happier) me!

In the lovely game of pool, my game is a bit stagnant.  I play well on some days and others....you'd think I'd never picked up a cue.  It's my favorite friend "inconsistency" that keeps creeping up once in awhile just to remind me that improvement is always up for grabs. 

Last weekend we had our first local tour stop for Vegas Billiard Buzz and it was a success!  Scotch doubles 8-ball.  We had 38 teams all together, so managing 76 players can really take a toll on your game and your mind.  (The bloody marys seem to help a bit with that).  We handicapped the team limit at 16 which we feel keeps teams somewhat at the same ability seeing as the higher ranked players have to find a bit lower ranked player and the middle ranks can pair up.  This was also 8-ball, so yes - it takes a wee bit longer, but we believe gives everyone a chance (instead of your typical 9ball runouts).  I guess you'd have to ask the players, but the format seems to work for all.

To be honest I really DON'T care for scotch doubles.  I don't like the pressure of letting someone else down.  If I F up my game its one thing, I don't wanna F up yours!  If I get outta shape in my game, I'll figure out my  new plan.  Unless we're on the same brain wave lengths.....I don't want you to have to figure out what I need you to do next so I can take the next shot.  There are only a few select people in that really know my game and vice versa, and that I would play with at anytime.  My partner this weekend was not one of them.

I paired up with a friend of mine who is one of the top in town.  His game has improved greatly over the last few months and already being near the top of the spectrum, he's inching closer each week.  So I know playing with him I basically have to make a ball and let it roll out.  He can take all the harder shots, play the safes, and we'll do fine.  WRONG!  Even when we got on a few good rolls, he too, would take these immensely ridiculous shots to leave me closer....or better....or straight.  Wtf?!  Now, I'm not saying I good at his level, but dang it - I know I can still play.  And this my friends is why I don't like scotch doubles.  I have one of the best players in town, and he feels he needs to do better for me.  I'm not one of the better players in town, and I feel I need to do better for him.  Ugh, the all around pressure is just too much.  (I"ll take another bloody mary now).

Now, I will say our second place team, did not know each other at all.  Both showed up without a partner and both just wanted to play.  You know why I think they did so well.  NO EXPECTATIONS!  The were forced to play the game....to play the table.  They had no clue how each other played and therefore couldn't do anything crazy.  Couldn't try to get better shape, or closer, or take a shot hoping their partner would play the safe.  Nope - they played P O O L.  

Huh, what a concept!

There is a lady in my ladies division (good player too) who just said this past week "I don't look at my partner, I play the table".  I have heard this before, but I really admire this.  There are many who say "study your opponent", "get mentally ready", "your opponent is just as scared, nervous, confident, as you are".   But you know what, your only real opponent IS the table.  You control how you play.  You control how your partner plays by the way you play.   When you F up....YOU F'd UP!  No one else. 

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others.” ~ Buddha


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