Friday, March 4, 2011

.......i'm here, i'm here!

Yes!  SLACKER I am!  Don’t hate…..  (I actually wonder how many posts this year will start off with me being a slacker).

Life as we know it has taken over as usual, and I can’t seem to catch a break.  I’ve been working my ass off on some freelance projects and have been proposed to take a full time position.  With a few different companies .  Because I kick ass at what I do.  ;) Oh – what to do, what to do?!?!?!  Let’s just add more things to my plate and see if can still breathe…..yep – that sounds fun!

On the pool front, I really haven’t been playing as much as usual.  I will say though, that the times I am playing, I’ve been very happy with my game.  It’s not always all there, but in the scheme of things I’ve been playing a hell of a lot better – I’m just hoping it stays that way.  Since my last post, our Vegas Billiards Tour had another stop with our largest field yet.  It was handicapped 10-Ball and an amazing tournament with some GREAT action.  We’re already gearing up for our next stop which happens in next weekend.  Updates will follow…..

On top of that, March is filled with some amazing pool here in town.  Two of our largest tournaments happen near the end of the month.  First being a ‘B’ player tournament, 9-Ball, limited to 64 players which is always a great tournament.  I still don’t have the confidence to turn myself in for this one, but every year I watch as some our friends battle it out for the title (bragging rights are pretty big here - lol).   Second up will be the ‘A’ player tournament, 9- Ball, limited to 64 players.  This tournament has to be my favorite of the year to watch! The big boys (ahem - and girls) in town, and from nearby, plus a few pros come out and it is one of the best weekends in pool here!  I’m so excited for both of these. 

On top of these two, there will be a women’s tournament (which started last year) and I WILL be competing in that one.  Another 9-Ball tourney which is a charity event to benefit a women’s shelter here in town.  This one is handicapped, so I feel I have a bit of an edge to compete.  (Now, let’s just hope my game keeps up with me until this tourney rolls around).

On the home front, I’ve been cooking up a storm - another favorite of mine, besides just eating :)  Just for kicks, here's our famous homemade hamburgers that me and the bf cooked up last week.....

And yes - they were delicious!

So all in all, I've been working more and playing less.....but damn it - at least I'm eating well! And to a certain someone, I promise to try to be here more!  Yes, just for you ;)  It is now my miSsion....


  1. i'm full. :)

    i thank you, my brain thanks you. btw, those burgers look good (and adorable the way you did the his & hers pics). :D be sure to kick some a~* in that tournament!!

  2. wah, love the food pr0n

    See you in the near future where we must catch up over alcoholic beverages. Hope I get into both tournaments. ;-)

  3. poolriah - your are welcome ;)

    adhesive remover - YES!