Monday, March 14, 2011

....whirlwind kinda week

It’s been quite a week…..and I need a break. It started off with a job offer which I couldn’t say no to! For background information, I’ve been freelancing for over a year – and I’m scared to death to go back to a real, full-time job. I like the idea of being my own boss, but the position (and money) was something I really couldn’t turn down. I REALLY contemplated this and call me crazy, but I like the challenge. All this really means is I’ll be working more hours, trying to keep up with our website (and all that goes with it), playing less, sleeping less, and letting the laundry get even more out of control. Well see how long it is before I’m in need of a major vacation.

The past two days was a long weekend of pool. We had our third stop of the tour, handicapped 9-ball over two days (since the location we held it at only has 5 tables). I finally placed in my own tournament – geez! It’s about freakin’ time! (Just for the record, playing – and trying to play well - AND putting up with players when trying to run a tourney is not exactly the easiest to do). I took 5th – 6th so yes, I’m still pissed at myself for losing but I’m okay with where I ended up because I know I played well. I had some great matches and I was happy that my composure stayed intact. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on – not getting upset after missed shots, staying in the zone, not getting excited if I reach the hill first, playing each shot one at a time.

Another thing I’m trying work on is not taking my opponent for granted or think that I’m the underdog when I play someone of a higher skill level. It’s such a mental distraction that it actually affects my game with a dimension I need to eliminate. I’m trying hard to play the table not the player. One day all these things will fall into place…..together.

I also have been watching some great pool streaming from Valley Forge. It always amazes me how effortless the big boys make their matches seem. I wonder sometimes, if their heart is pounding away on the last ball for a match! AND – what I love the most, is that even when they miss the winning ball, even if it’s hanging in the pocket, they NEVER give it away. They will ALWAYS make their opponent shoot. I respect that. In my eyes they’re not saying to their opponent “ you might miss – go ahead and shoot”. They are saying “you’re are one of the best – you won’t miss”. I look at that as RESPECT.

My bf is actually there this year for Rally in the Valley and is getting to watch some of these live - PUNK :) One day I’ll make it there.

First big tourney of the year for our hometown happens next weekend……I can’t wait to sweat some matches. As I mentioned in my last post this is the first of three coming up back to back – so I’ll be posting updates as they come!


  1. wow . . . lots of stuff happening! good luck with your new job!!

  2. You already had a full plate, I don't know how you can work full time. Best of Luck and keep shooting straight.

  3. poolriah - Thanks! So far so good....I'm sure my posts will eventually show my stress levels even more - LOL.

    jim - yeah, call me crazy! It's how I roll :) See you this weekend at Doc I'm some point between work, league, and vbb!

  4. It was a rule at VF that you can't concede the game and you have to shoot every ball. If you do it's a loss of that game and one additional game as a penalty.