Thursday, June 18, 2009

knowing is half the battle

My other half and I play together - A LOT! Whether we're playing league nights or spending the day just practicing. I usually go with him even on nights I'm not on the team and he's cheered me on a few times too. He's a much better player so I learn a lot. Half the reason I think I get better is from playing with and watching him. The better he gets, the better I get. (Most of the time) Here's the problem.....I'm stubborn, very stubborn. I have to ask questions, be shown a shot that works and why. But I by no means like to be "told what to do". (hey- I'm only human). He's the opposite - "do what I say and you'll figure it out"!

Um, no! I wasn't asking those questions for my health.

As a lower player, I'm going argue, ask questions, and want to know why. I think its natural. Wouldn't we lower players not ask if we knew what we were doing....or knew what the hell you were talking about?!?!?

When people talk to my bf and I about pool in general, I've always said: He's the technical one - I'm the creative one.

I'm sorry, is there something wrong with that?

When I say technical....he learns very different. He needs to be told something once and he will practice that shot, safe, whatever it is - over, and over, and over until he gets it and knows why. He can read something and then execute. If he doesn't know the answer or why to something, he will research, read, and read some more. He remembers shots that he misses and will practice until he gets it. There is nothing wrong with that.

Now I on the other hand......

Creative. I need to be shown whatever it is we're talking about. I need to touch, feel, see....all of it. I want to be told where to hit and how to hit. I want to see it done before I even try. I can read something if it speaks to me. If its technical - I lose interest and start skimming. I also remember shots that I make. I feel like they work and the more I do them, the more comfortable I become and better I'll get with them. Only the major, MAJOR, game winning, heart pounding misses do I remember. And I'll never take that shot again. Why? Because it didn't work out. And I HATE to lose, remember?

We've argued time and again about how and why each other plays. Because we don't see things the same way - we just go around in circles.

So he comes across this article the other day and tells me to read it. It comes from Tom Simpson: An industry figure, who has been playing since he was 12. He's a professional billiards instructor (BCA master instructor) who runs his own clinics.

Holy crap - it is EXACTLY what my bf and I have been trying to say to each other and seem to continue to argue about when it comes to teaching, learning, and playing. Now....its just in terms that we can both understand.

It probably doesn't hurt that someone else is the one saying it all so now we believe it ;)

You can read the article HERE along with many other great articles from him. Everything I've read from him - just makes sense. Definitely get your read on with him.

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