Wednesday, June 3, 2009

well, well,well, now.....

It happened. I won my first call-pocket 9-ball game! Finally. I took my time, concentrated, and studied the WHOLE table. I'm still not sure how I fee about this format, but if it will get me to learn a new dimension of this darn game that consumes me then hey - what the heck.

My opponent, same skill level....didn't seem to pleased when I won. And I wouldn't have been please either. Besides hating to lose, I took shots that if an oppenent did to me, I might have drop kick them. I combo caromed a nine between two other balls that you could barely see through and was back-cutting at, and combo banked another that took extreme low left - a hell of a stroke - and had to travel the full length of the table. I also played extremely well and ran all of my balls when it was my turn at the table on the other games. Are you f'n kidding me.....who does that? Who shoots like they've been playing their whole life. The big boys do!!! Not me! Not lil' ole me. (The girl you don't want to play cause I'm a GIRL, right). Hahaha - YAY ME :) Now - the tables sucked ASS. There was more table rolls then I had ever seen. Two tears in the cloth (not minor either). Balls with chips. Horrible racks. Could someone please fix these damn things. Hell - replace them!!! This poor bar needs some luvin'. Despite all the head must have been in the right place, cause I played like a champ. Okay, I'm done patting myself on the back now!

As I continue my mission to keep practicing 9-ball.....I've had to switch missions this week and focus on 8-ball. The city tournament is this weekend and our team has secured a spot. Shoot - we've secured a spot the past 3 years. Never been to Nationals. We've played down to the final game twice in those 3 trips and we lost. Twice. This year.....I have a good feeling. Besides the normal obstacles of daily play - who's playing good that day, who's not - who has to work and can't play - who's PMSing - who's wife pissed them off and they shoot every shot like they're going to kill someone - who's drinking - who doesn't want to listen to timeouts .......we also ALL know how bad we all want this!!! Yes - it is up to us to get it done - but believe me, the pool gods will be hearing from me A LOT this week. Hopefully they're in agreement that maybe, just maybe, this is OUR year!

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