Tuesday, June 9, 2009

you've lost that lovin' feelin....

We didn’t win. We didn't play our best, didn’t listen to each other, we fought aimless battles with unforeseen circumstances, we lost composure, and we didn’t win.


8-ball city tournament

Things started off with our league operator telling us that one of our players was ineligible for play. We had made a valid effort to make sure that he had enough games in during the regular session to play in the city tournament so our team captain spent the first 20 minutes handling that situation. While in debate, our league operator also tells us that another player of ours (who happens to be my other half) can’t play! My other half is one of our strongest players.....this is not going to be good.

What?!?!?! What in the hell are you talking about?!?!?!

Our league operator tells us that he owes money. For what?! He claims that my bf’s team for another night was short on funds for the session. So you don’t let him know this – hhhmmm, I don’t know – maybe during that session! You couldn’t have picked up the phone and called us about this? You couldn’t have said this during the 8-ball or 9ball tri-annuals that happened last month and you let him play in? Or maybe during the 9-ball city tournament that you allowed him to play in 2 weeks ago? But now, during 8-ball cities where we know we are going to have the best shot at this, you want to tell him he can't play.....one of our strongest players.....hhhmmmmm....... Whatever!!!!

Things are off to a F*&%$# up start!

The tournament is modified singles and 3 out of 5 games in a wins the match. The first team we play is a strong team. They have an even spread of handicaps and all shoot well.


Game one – we lose.

Game two – we lose.

Game three – our captain plays. He’s down 0-2 and his opponent is on the hill. F!!! Well our captain, bless his heart….. doesn’t give up and comes back to win! What?!?! We’ve got a chance.

Game four - Haha. Just kidding. The pool gods decide that our captain’s game was just to tease us a bit and we lose. I HATE THIS GAME!

Since we’re in a modified single tournament, we get one more chance to play. We end up with a bye spot and advance one round. We sit around for a good 3.5 hours before our next match. We’re tired, we’re cranky, we’re hungry, and we’re losing patience.


Game one – we win.

Game two – we win.

Game three – we win.

What?!?!?! Sweet deals….we come back tomorrow.

I played the first game in match 2. I feel like I played okay. Nothing great. I got lucky a few times when my opponent scratched and gave me ball in hand. I still over cut A LOT of balls and seemed to roll a little short of everything. I’m not sure if this is because I tried to slow down and play cautiously or if I just couldn’t find the umph to put into my shots.


We’re up against a team that we’ve beaten countless times. We don’t take them lightly, but know how they play and think we should have the upper hand. Wrong!

Game one – we lose.

Game two – we lose.

Game three – we lose. GAME OVER.

I played and lost the first game. I followed balls in. I scratched cross sides. I couldn’t make straight shots. I have no clue what was wrong with me. I REALLY wanted this. Even when I was down, I thought "you can do this...you can come back". UGH!!!! I of course had faith in my team mates to pick me up. Even after our second loss....not once did I think it was over.... I thought there are 3 other players to win the last 3 games. We got this!

My captain on the other hand - lost all faith and was pissed after that second match. Hell - I knew he was mad when I lost my game. He straight said "that's it - we're done". I looked him dead in the eye and said "Really? That's some great team spirit! Have some faith! You came back and won a third match for us yesterday. What happened to believing in your team? If you dont' give a shit....then why the F are we here?" ....... and walked away! Probably not the best way to handle the situation, but I was pissed. Now at that point there was one more match, but I refused to sit with all the negativity. Of course we were down 2 games, but lets be real about the situation. No one, NO ONE, woke up that morning and said "I'm going to lose today". So have some f'n faith in your team and lets win the last 3!!!

Well it didn't happen. As soon as it was over - our captain turned in the score sheet....and walked out. Didn't say anything to us and was gone. Half of us didn't even know he left. Well there's some love, huh?!?! Don't get me wrong....I love our captain...I love our team. We're not just a pool team, we're actually friends and hang out together - even outside of pool. So I was beyond a little annoyed with his attitude. WE ALL WANTED TO WIN!!! YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!

Sometimes I wonder......

If you believe in something SO hard - then why do you change your mind about it when it's sitting in your possession?

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