Tuesday, June 30, 2009

no deals :(

Well so much for that. I found out on Friday night as I was practicing that I wasn't able to play in the tournament for the regional qualifier on Saturday :( You need to be on a current active roster and I'm not. Our team has participated in this league for over 3 years now and after a whole lot of drama (more than just your normal league drama) and a league operator who can never seem to keep his shit together - we quit. We moved that night of play to another league that most of us already play in. We actually like the new league with this team. We get to play a bit different style, play new faces and it doesn't seem so redundant.

On the other hand....its things like this that make me wish I still played. There are so many opportunities to play in Nationals with the league we left.....and I've basically given it all up. I'm in the process of debating which is worse? Playing for a league who's operator in our area CANNOT stay organized, playing against opponents who absolutely have nothing better to do than bitch, playing for a league who has cheated our team out of money, but yet getting to participate in tournaments, qualifiers, nationals........


keeping my dignity and playing pool for and with others who actually respect the game. Now this league does have opportunities to play for their Nationals. Its just not as large of league and they're not as dominant in the industry.

I feel like I've invested A LOT of time and money into this part of my world. I guess its just frustrating to know that for as hard as I've worked....its not as attainable to be able to play and try to see where I stand against others.

I guess I'll just have to keep working at it - get better - and kick some ass elsewhere ;)

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