Friday, June 26, 2009

to play or not to play.....

That IS the question!

I found out this morning that they're holding a qualifier TOMORROW for fall regionals - singles. Yes - they only gave 1 days notice. Ugh!

Well due to low funds and a bunch of byes for league I haven't played a whole heck of a lot in the last two weeks. So what's a girl to do? Do I practice tonight and go for the gusto tomorrow? I mean - what's the worst that could happen? I lose? Ugh - I hate that!!! On the bright side - I guess I would still have decent practice in for the week. And I was planning on practicing some tonight anyway. Or I can practice tonight and show up tomorrow with my "A" game and win......hhhhmmmmm.........

Decisions, decisions.

I guess I wouldn't be having second thoughts about this if I had actually played a little more this week. When I don't play for awhile I tend to think that every time I get to a table I'll mess up. My confidence drops to -20 below. I would feel much better knowing that I was playing well. I have nothing to gauge myself off of right now.

Also, they're going to be playing the qualifier at a local pool hall which consist of nothing but Diamond Tables. I actually much rather play on diamonds verses the crappy bar boxes at another pool hall we normally have to play our local league tournaments on. But shoot - 95% of my practice happens at my little neighborhood bar which has bar box tables. Decent ones....but nowhere near a Diamond bar box!!!

What would you do?


  1. I hope you played. :-) Always challenge yourself. Tougher tables only mean you must focus, and bear down more.

  2. adhesive remover -
    Thank you! I wish I was able to. :( I got down on Friday, was practicing hard, and then found out I was ineligible. But you're absolutely right...finding out the tourney was on diamonds definitely made me focus more and changed my practice some. Oh well....on to the next challenge. :)